Collaboration with FIΒΑ Final 4 in Athens

Direction Business Network and the “ΑllStar Basket” magazine have undertaken to create, edit and publish two luxurious editions on behalf of FIBA and the Basketball Champions League, which will be distributed to the official guests, Press representatives and spectators that will attend the Basketball Champions League Final 4 in Athens (Olympic Stadium), from 4 to 6 May.

The editorial team of the “AllStar Basket” magazine, undertook the journalistic work of the Media Guide and the Official Programme (bilingual version – English/Greek), which includes a full presentation of all four teams taking part in the Final 4, greetings from representatives of official organisations, including the International Basketball Federation, the Hellenic Basketball Federation, the Hellenic Basketball Clubs Association (HEBA) and the AEK Basketball Club and the edition will be distributed to the thousands of fans that will fill the Olympic stadium on Friday and Sunday.

The Media Guide, which will circulate in two versions, one in English and one in Greek, it will include the Basketball Champions League’s season statistics, match results, a presentation of the city of Athens, which hosts the final four, as well as the Olympic Stadium, where the matches will be held.

The edition also provides Press representatives with useful information on the times that the Final 4 training, matches, Press interviews and other events will take place. The Basketball Champions League is held with great success for a second consecutive year.

The qualifying teams for this year’s Final 4 are AEK, UCAM Murcia, AS Monaco and MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg.  The semi-finals will take place on Friday, 4 May between Monaco-Ludwigsburg (6.30 pm) and AEK-Murcia (9.30 pm) and the final will be held on Sunday, 6 May. The match for 3rd place between the two semi-final losers will be held at 5.30 pm and the final match between the two semi-final winners will be held at 8.30 pm.

Direction Βusiness Network: New international collaboration with Nexus Communication

Strategic alliance with the worldwide leader Nexus Communication aimed at the development of new editions and online products for the fleet management and mobility market.

In Greece, fleet management is an interesting and growing market and constitutes a new category that falls within the journalistic sectors covered by Direction Business Network, the Greek market leader in sector and special publications.

This new business venture is carried out in collaboration with Belgium-based Nexus Communications, the international leader in business-to-business communication within the corporate fleet management and mobility sectors. The collaboration is expected to include the development of new products in both digital and printed version as well as training programmes, and events that are specifically targeted for the Greek market.

Nexus Communication’s priority is to immediately and quickly provide its partners, readers and clients with the most advanced and specialised knowledge. In this context, it is committed to finding ways to offer high-quality communication solutions. Therefore, in order to meet its readers’ needs for information, it has created genuine communication platforms that bring complementary media together (magazines, websites and events).

It all began in December 1997 with the Fleet Europe magazine, which is recognised as the leading media platform for corporate fleet & mobility leaders worldwide. This platform accompanies the last 20 years of fleet management internationalisation and records the beat of the sector. Nowadays, other than the magazine there is the website and electronic newsletters (Fleet Europe Digest, Smart Mobility Digest, Remarketing Digest and Fleet Europe Exclusive). In addition, each year it publishes the “Fleet Europe Taxation Guide” which records data for car taxation in 29 European countries and the “Fleet Europe Directory”, which has details and data on all the fleet management’s international players. Moreover, each year it chooses a geographical zone which constitutes the main topic for the “Guide to Fleet Management” edition, which it edits.

In 2013, it presented the Global Fleet platform which is dedicated to fleet & mobility managers with global competencies and responsibilities and provides the necessary information for the global optimisation of a corporate car fleet. It also comprises of the website, electronic newsletters (Global Fleet Digest, Global Fleet Focus Digest and Global Fleet Exclusive) and special editions of the “Guide to Fleet Management” series for specific markets.

Furthermore, 2010 marked the launch of the Smart Mobility Management brand. It is the leading media platform in Europe for active mobility professionals. It provides insights to the trends that shape the worlds of travel, fleet and real mobility services.

Another significant part of Nexus’ activity are the two major annual events that it organises. Specifically, under the Fleet Europe umbrella it carries out the Fleet Europe Forum & Awards event that assembles the international fleet management community, it highlights issues that concern the people in this area, and awards the major achievements that have been recorded by the market. In addition, every summer, Global Fleet in collaboration with US Automotive Fleet organise the Global Fleet Conference, the only true global fleet management event, which is attended by 200 executives from 6 different continents.

Caroline Thonnon and Thierry Degives, Nexus Communication CEOs stated: “We are extremely pleased to be collaborating with Direction Business Network and we see it evolving into a member of the Fleet Europe Network. Our network comprises of high quality media in the fleet and mobility fields throughout Europe and Direction Business Network will constitute our sole partner in Greece, a developing and ever interesting market for Europeans”

The collaboration between Nexus Communication and Direction Business Network strengthens the latter even more. With more than 30 printed and electronic titles, a strong internet presence and events that are recognised by the Greek business world, Direction Business Network provides daily, valid, objective, reliable and well-rounded information, interactive communication and valuable business tools to its sectors’ executives, Opinion Leaders and Decision makers