The first edition of FLEET BUSINESS is in circulation

The 1st edition of FLEET BUSINESS is in circulation, the magazine that records the beat in the corporate vehicles and mobility sector, both in our country and in Europe. This edition is included in the new publishing venture of Direction Business Network, which comes to fill the information gap in the field of Fleet and Mobility Management

This project includes the electronic edition “Fleet News”, which has already circulated in 20 editions, covering market-related issues on a weekly basis, as well as the portal for the Fleet Management and Mobility market.

Addressed to executives in the Auto market, Leasing and Rental, Transports, and Mobility in general, as well as companies that possess corporate vehicles, offering up-to-date and prompt information on the latest trends and developments in Greece and internationally, current affairs, executive transfers, regulations, taxation, fleet management, technology etc.

Direction Business Network is supported in its new venture by the collaboration with Belgium-based Nexus Communications, the international leader in business-to-business communication within the corporate fleet management and mobility sectors.

In the first edition, the views of representatives of the market itself are presented with regard to its trajectory, the major trends that will prevail in the automotive industry and mobility up to 2030, as interpreted by its executives, as well as the trends that determine the future of vehicle leasing. In addition, issues related to telematics and fleet cards are included, lightweight industrial vehicles, new alternative fuels, as well as information on the EU auto market.

The 19+1 Protagonists of 2019 in Business News Magazine

The new 8th edition of the monthly business magazine is now in circulation.

The 19+1 companies which are expected to play a leading role this year, based on everything they did or launched in 2018, are presented in the new edition of Direction Business Network’s Business News Magazine, which is the main topic of the new edition -eighth in a series – of the monthly business magazine.

In addition, Chairman and Managing Director of Athenian Brewery, Alexandros Daniilidis, who is featured in the issue’s main interview, explains how the results of the collective work of executives are “reflected” in a company’s end product, while Philippos Zagorianakos, Vice President (SVP) for Central and Eastern Europe and Ireland of the LeasePlan group, speaks about his international duties as well as the margins for the growth of leasing in the Greek market. Austrian Ambassador Andrea Ikić-Böhm explains to Business News Magazine why Greece can develop into an attractive destination for investment, while a report by the magazine analyses how the official business organisations accepted the announcement to increase the minimum wage.

In addition, an in-depth review of the Greek private insurance market is presented in the magazine’s new edition, along with a detailed table of the 39 largest insurance companies in Greece according to the data collected and analysed by Direction Business Reports, while the detrimental effects of a drawn-out pre-election period, both for trade as well as the economy, are analysed by organizations and market executives, presenting to Business News all the information that will help the domestic market cope with this difficult period.

The richest American celebrities, according to Forbes, are presented in the magazine’s 8th edition, which deciphers the “secrets” of their success, while a study by IHS Markit demonstrates the need to immediately attract foreign investments. Finally, in the new edition, the business of the planet’s top soccer teams is laid out in detail, with dizzying revenue.

It should be reminded that Business News Magazine is sent to 5,000 senior executives and leaders of the 1,500 largest businesses in Greece and to those who are actively interested in the developments and trends of the modern business world within and outside Greek borders. It includes presentation of businesses, sectoral research, exclusive interviews with CEOs, opinions and news reports, as well as retrospectives of historic Greek businesses, covering a wide range of domestic and international entrepreneurship.

Guided by the belief that only healthy entrepreneurship can serve as a catalyst for Growth, Business News Magazine represents a new undertaking by Direction Business Network, complementing its effort to support business in our country through the business portal, the annual edition “The Strongest of the Greek Economy” and the “Protagonists of the Greek Economy” awards.

For more information, please contact Direction Business Network, Panagiota Georgiadi at 210 7712400 (223)