Business News Magazine: The 6th edition is in circulation

The problems and opportunities in the health sector are featured in the new Business News Magazine

An extensive tribute to the field of Med & Health in the new edition of the monthly Business News Magazine – sixth in a series- which is in circulation with Τobias Wasmuht, CEO of SPAR International, on its cover.

The field of Medicine and Health is featured in the new issue -sixth in a series- of the monthly magazine Business News Magazine by Direction Business Network. In its related journalistic tribute, the financial figures of the largest companies that are active in this sector are presented, while hosting the views and positions of the representatives of the major organisations in the field. Also, in his article, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos analyses, in Business News Magazine, the development of financial figures and the effort for fiscal consolidation in the NHS, while presenting the government’s political project in Health for the post MoU period.

On its cover, the new edition of Business News Magazine features Tobias Washmuht, CEO of SPAR International, who speaks about the business model that has guided the company that represents the largest cooperative retail network in the world. He also refers to SPAR’s plans for the Greek market and stresses our country’s importance for the group. In addition, Nikos Katsanis, Professor of Cellular Biology and Distinguished Professor of Paediatrics at Duke University in the US talks about genetics, the importance of science to be supported by the market, but also about the image of Greece that he holds on to after more than 30 years of residing abroad.

In addition, Business News Magazine analyses the Titan Group’s decision to transfer its headquarters from Athens to Brussels after 116 years, focuses on the corporate deals recorded in our country in the initial and more intensive period of capital controls (2015-2017), and presents the business journey of George A. David, the person who created Coca-Cola HBC, the largest Greek multinational. Furthermore, the edition’s material includes a special tribute to the 24-year course of the Kouros Awards for Entrepreneurship as well as on the action of Prince Charles’ Charity “Prince’s Trust” in Greece In addition, readers will find, among other things, topics on the pressures exerted on the Athens Stock Exchange, the difficulties that remain with regard to consumption, as well as the investments that a number of multinational companies with a presence in our country have decided to implement in the immediate future.

It should be reminded that 5,000 senior executives and leaders of the 1,500 largest businesses in Greece as well as those who are actively interested in the developments and trends of the modern business world within and outside Greek borders receive Business New Magazine. It includes presentations by companies, sectoral research, exclusive interviews with CEOs, views and reporting as well as retrospectives of historic Greek companies, covering a wide range of domestic and international entrepreneurship.

Guided by the belief that only healthy entrepreneurship can serve as a catalyst for Growth, Business News Magazine represents Direction Business Network’s new undertaking, complementing the latter’s effort to support entrepreneurship in our country with the business portal, the annual edition of “The Strongest of the Greek Economy” and the “Protagonists of the Greek Economy” awards.

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