enters a new era has entered a new era, embarking on a complete visual and design renovation. With the aim of better serving the needs and requirements of our readers and partners six years after our initial launch in November 2013, now has a new look & feel, reflecting the trends and demands of the times. was created to provide direct, timely and reliable coverage of all the developments in every business sector in Greece and internationally. It was also created to provide unbiased coverage of the news and to promote issues, companies, individuals and case studies that deserve our attention. And it was designed to provide visitors with comprehensive reporting, always in line with the principles of good journalism.

With its new design, continues to honor this philosophy, striving to provide you with all of the business sector’s news in an even more easily accessible and easy-to-read form. Our main aim was for the renovation to make our site even ‘cleaner’, more useful, easier to browse and more functional on every level, giving users a more integrated experience, whether they are on a PC or a mobile device.

We also wanted to optimise our presentation of breaking news stories, international and popular news items, and interviews with and articles by leaders on the domestic business scene. In collaboration with MainSys, we added new categories and sections to our site, and at the same time we made technical improvements aimed solely at fully meeting the needs of our readers and partners.

Naturally, a few bugs surfaced during this radical renovation, but these were all dealt with recently, while the beta version was running. So we can now say with pride that all of the technical issues have been resolved and is now here, richer and more dynamic than ever.

Of course, a good thing can always get even better, and this is why we are making constant improvements and additions, always looking to the future. is a living organism that is constantly evolving and growing in terms of both content and technological capabilities.

This is how it started in 2013, and this philosophy and mindset will take us into the future.