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New image for adbusiness

Adbusiness: A new year, a new image.

Entering 2020 and having reached the 1,000-issue milestone the year before, adbusiness decided to carry out a major renewal of its layout and image. The magazine’s new era includes a new modern layout, a different look & feel, a new logo and more creative visualisations of topics, while the design also includes new cartoons and columns to be launched in the near future.

Of course, we are guided by our readers and their needs. Adbusiness was founded in 1995 with the firm and clear goal of being a tool for executives in the sector of traditional and digital Communication, Advertising, Marketing and Mass Media. Today, 25 years later, it is staying that course, faithful to the mission of providing reliable, timely and substantial reporting.

Adbusiness was the first of several market-oriented subscription magazines currently issued by Direction Business Network, and it was specially designed for busy people who need direct and fast information on the market.  It was, is and will continue to be a magazine focused on substance, eschewing sensationalism. The new layout also serves this goal, rendering even more effective the presentation of the topics covered by the magazine: news and developments in the Greek and international Communication and Marketing sectors, current affairs, emerging trends, protagonists, stand-out case studies and companies, creative and innovative concepts making waves, and surveys and studies providing invaluable insights.

Adbusiness’s guiding principles have always been “obsession” with reporting, “tight” news writing, refusal to simply reprint sterile press releases, and commitment to documentation and hard data. These principles remain unchanged and have won the appreciation of our readers, who demand high journalistic standards. This philosophy is non-negotiable. The new cache has been designed and applied with precisely this in mind. Our goal is to enable readers to access information easily and quickly, with state-of-the-art visuals and design.

The magazine’s new layout is a milestone in adbusiness’s long career in the Greek publishing market and marks its entry into a new era in which – despite dire predictions to the contrary – print has a dynamic and substantial role to play. For years now, adbusiness has been supplemented by the daily BusinessToday newsletter and the advertising.gr portal, and – together with its various special issues – it has succeeded in finding its role in the new environment in terms of content consumption, growing steadily stronger. Its new cache is yet another step in this direction and underscores the dynamic and value of print publications, including their potential for renewal and enrichment on a regular basis.

With its new look, adbusiness is becoming even more modern and up to date.

After all, it’s only 25 years old. We plan to take it many years into the future.