Passion for success plays the leading role in the new Business News Magazine

Antony Barounas, Rick Pitino, and Raja Rajamannar speak in the new 10th edition of the business magazine for business leaders.

Internationally renowned leading personalities bear witness to the significance of passion as a necessary element for success in the new 10th edition of Direction Business Network’s business magazine, Business News Magazine.

This time, the cover features Antony Barounas, Vice President & General Manager, Europe and Global Accounts of Lenovo, who stresses that “you must set goals and show passion, whichever career path you may decide to follow.” On the same wavelength, the emblematic Hall of Famer basketball coach, Rick Pitino, who honours our country’s courts with his presence on the bench of Panathinaikos, explains in his interview that the recipe for success is what he himself refers to as PHD: Passion, Hunger, Drive.

In addition, Raja Rajamannar, President of the World Federation of Advertisers, CMO of Mastercard, and recipient of the 2018 Global Marketer of the Year award, in an exclusive interview he granted to the magazine during his recent trip to Greece, speaks of the new role of marketing and the new challenges for brands and advertisers, while London Business School Professor Michael G. Jacobides analyses new strategic challenges that are emerging for business on a global level. Furthermore, Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis, CEO of Neuromarketing Trizma Neuro, explains how neurosciences and neuromarketing can benefit businesses as well as the leaders themselves, while the President of L’Oréal Professional Products Division, Nathalie Roos, presents the secret of the multinational giant’s success.

Moreover, within the pages of the magazine’s new edition, the very interesting findings are presented of the fifth KPMG CEO Outlook study, with a special focus on Greek data, as well as the characteristic comments made in this regard by Nikos Vousineas, Chairman and CEO of KPMG in Greece. Finally, among other things, the new edition features topics on the environment, on the world’s highest paid athletes, on how institutional bodies received the measures that the State announced in the pre-election period as well as on the next generation’s leaders who already attract the attention of the international public opinion.

It should be reminded that Business News Magazine is sent to 5,000 senior executives and leaders of the 1,500 largest businesses in Greece and to those who are actively interested in the developments and trends of the modern business world within and outside Greek borders. It includes presentation of businesses, sectoral research, exclusive interviews with CEOs, opinions and news reports, as well as retrospectives of historic Greek businesses, covering a wide range of domestic and international entrepreneurship.

Guided by the belief that only healthy entrepreneurship can serve as a catalyst for Growth, Business News Magazine represents a new undertaking by Direction Business Network, complementing its effort to support business in our country through the business portal, the annual edition “The Strongest of the Greek Economy” and the “Protagonists of the Greek Economy” awards.


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The “Protagonists of the Greek Economy” have been named for the fifth year in a row

The businesses which, with their achievements and their hard and methodical effort are leading the country and the economy forward, were honoured in the Award Ceremony for the tradition-awards for Greek Business “Protagonists of the Greek Economy,” that was organised for the fifth time by Direction Business Network on Monday, 10 June 2019.

In the packed Banquet Hall of the Athens Concert Hall, with more than 600 high-ranking executives and representatives of the academic world in attendance, businesses were honoured for that they constitute the brilliant present and future of Greek business, which are preparing Greece’s future.

The awards were based on the official financial data of the companies as they appear in the financial reports included in the edition “The Strongest of the Greek Economy” by Direction Business Network, which just came out.

Initially, Industry Protagonists, comprising of leading businesses of the Greek economy’s key industries were honoured, on the basis of their turnover, gross profits and cash on hand. In this category, the following companies were awarded: Amvyx S.A. (Alcoholic Beverages), Iaponiki S.A. (Auto parts), Giotis S.A. (Food Industry – Baby Food), Spot Thompson (Advertising Companies), The Mall Athens (Commercial Centres), PPC S.A. (Energy), Athenian Brewery (Brewing Industry), Plaisio Computers (PC – Technology), Acme Education Group (Private Post-Lyceum Education), Nireus Aquaculture (Aquaculture), Cavino S.A. (Wine Production), AB Vasilopoulos S.A. (Super Market), Accenture S.A. (Business Consulting Services), ACS Postal Services S.A. (Courier Services) PEIFASYN (Pharmaceutical Wholesalers), MEGA Personal Hygiene Products S.A. (Personal Hygiene Paper Products) and Coca-Cola HBC Greece S.A. (Juice -Beverages)

In addition, APSI-Pindos and Lidl Hellas were honoured for their significant activities in the fields of Development and Investment, while Bic VIOLEX S.A., Barba Stathis S.A., Pavlidis S.A Marble – Granite, Pharmathen, Selonda Aquaculture SA, Septona S.A., and Uni-Pharma received awards because they stood out in the field of Business Extroversion.

Turnaround Business awards were distributed to the companies Hyundai Greece S.A., Premier Capital Hellas (McDonald’s) and Venus Growers, in recognition of their achievement in overcoming any difficulties they face, and for returning on a trajectory of growth.

In addition, Greek Business Champions were awarded, companies with an annual turnover that exceeds 10 million euros, which, as it arises from their financial data for 2017, managed to increase their turnover at the same time as their gross profits by more than 20% during that specific year.

More specifically, the following companies were awarded in this category: Active Computer Systems S.A., Violanta S.A., Carrier Frigel Apostolou, FCA Greece S.A., HAFCO S.A., HST S.A., Thrakon Mortars of Thrace, Imagin Facility Management, Inventor A.G. S.A., IFET S.A., Mavrogenis D. “Nippon” S.A., Mellon Technologies S.A., MSPS S.A. Navicon S.A., NCR (Greece) S.A., Novastar LLC, NRG Trading House Energy S.A., Pavlidis S.A. Marble-Granite, Polisan Greece S.A., Proporeia LLC “Avance”, Siemens Healthcare S.A., SEKE S.A., Tanko Petfood S.A., L. Tasoulis S.A., Teoren Motors S.A., Tourists Enterprises of Chalkidiki, West S.A., Hydromarin S.A., and Zeus International.

Hellenic Railways, which are celebrating the 150th anniversary from their foundation this year, as well as. Titan Cement S.A., which was founded in Greece in 1902, were awarded as Historical Enterprises. In addition, Panos Germanos, Founder of the Olympia Group, was honoured with the International Greek Entrepreneur Excellence Award which has been established since 2017 to honour entrepreneurs of Greek origin who have excelled within and beyond the borders of Greece, while Ioannis Karagiannis, the Group’s Chairman, received the award.

Finally, the competition’s top honour, Company of the Year, went to Papastratos, following a vote which was held for the third year in a row among 7,500 high-ranking executives of the largest Greek companies. Twenty of the most important Greek companies with a positive trajectory and dynamic growth activity were candidates, which resulted following a pre-selection procedure with which the competition’s special awards committee proceeded.

Upon receipt of the award, Christos Harpantidis, Chairman and Managing Director of Papastratos stated that “The true protagonists in Papastratos being awarded Company of the Year are my 1,420 colleagues who, through their work, and with their dedication and boldness, have put their stamp on this especially important distinction and grant me the privilege of coming here on their behalf to receive this award. We at Papastratos believe that it is our duty and obligation to come out ahead, to create possibilities so that what is good can increase manifold, and to take as many people as possible along with us. We bear the responsibility of our role as a social and business leader. We shall not wait for the world to change in order to forge ahead. We have decided to change the world together, and we shall take as many people as we can along with us, so that we can continue for a better future.”

The journalist Dora Panteli was the event’s presenter, while the evening was launched by Evangelos Papalios, Publisher-Director of Direction Business Network, who highlighted that “all the companies that received awards as well as all the companies mentioned in the edition “The Strongest Greek Companies” represent the present and the future of Greek business. Through their achievements, they demonstrate that whichever government may be in power after 7 July, it must have entrepreneurship as its No. 1 goal.”

With the support of Piraeus Bank, for yet another year, the tradition falls under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance & Development as well as SEV. Max Media Greece was the major sponsor.

Wind was the Telecoms Provider, while the companies IRI, Evin Intzoglou and Amvyx (Glenfiddich) were Sponsors. Supporters included Greek Wine Cellars, The Design Agency, and CEO Clubs Greece. In addition, the competition was supported by Weber Shandwick, Image Pro, We For Media (Official Partners), PressiousArvanitidis, Polichromo, Mass Courier.