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Business News Magazine is Direction Business Network’s new publishing venture. Focusing on the Greek and international business scene, it is published monthly and addresses senior executive and the heads of leading businesses. It is sent to 5,000 senior executives and leaders of the 1,500 largest businesses in Greece and to those who are actively interested in the developments and trends of the modern business world within and outside Greek borders.

The new magazine bears the and the Direction Business Network editorial team’s signature and was created with the assistance of well-known freelancers. Its primary objective is to highlight the protagonists of the domestic business world that make the difference and decisively contribute to the economy’s recovery.

It is an edition with high aesthetic standards and tabloid dimensions which consists of company presentations, sector studies, exclusive interviews and flashbacks to historical Greek businesses. But that is not all, since its readers will find news from the international scene, developments of the new entrepreneurship and start-up ecosystem, opinions and news reports, thus establishing it a valuable “tool” in the hands of every contemporary businessperson.

In an effort to support the Greek entrepreneurship, the new publishing venture comes to complement the business portal, the annual edition “The Strongest Greek Companies” and the “Protagonists of the Greek Economy” awards.

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