The 21st edition of adbook is in circulation

This year, Direction Business Network’s adbook scores a “Black Jack,” as the 21st edition of the definitive Guide for the Marketing and Communications market is just out in circulation.

For yet another year, the edition represents a “trump card” for the domestic market, which includes information for all companies in the field of communications, the most important advertisers, and all Mass Media.

In addition, this year’s edition includes statistics on advertising expenditure as well as financial data for the various categories of the communications market, as these have been recorded in the most recent company balance sheets.

Adbook entered the Greek market in 1994 and is in circulation in printed form, laying out, in functional units, all the information and data on the companies and professionals of the sectors it presents.

The edition aims to become a useful tool for everybody in the field, as well as for those with an indirect interest or those active in its peripheral market.