The new edition of the Business News Magazine is in circulation

The monthly magazine on Greek and international entrepreneurship

With an extensive tribute to the future of mobility, in Greece and internationally, the fourth edition of the monthly magazine Business News Magazine is in circulation, bearing the signature of, of the editorial team of Direction Business Network, as well as that of important freelancers. Entitled “The Future of Mobility”, the tribute deals with the new era on the horizon for the auto industry, but also the industry of leasing vehicles, which inter alia includes autonomous vehicles, green and sustainable mobility, new interface technologies and, of course, the various needs for consumers. Through the views of experts in the field, research data, and information from the magazine’s mission to the recent Global Fleet Conference in Rome, Business News Magazine outlines the trends and developments in the field, presenting everything that is expected in a few years.

In addition to the tribute and loyal to its philosophy of showcasing the protagonists of entrepreneurship who make a “difference” and decisively contribute to the Greek economy’s recovery, Business News Magazine features Spyros Poulidas on the cover of its latest issue, President and General Manager of IBM HELLAS. In the interview that he grants, he speaks about how IBM has evolved into one of the companies that is leading the way internationally in developments in digital transformation and artificial intelligence, as well as the dynamic presence it enjoys in our country, contributing to a radical restructuring of business.

In addition, the package also includes other interesting interviews, such as one with Dutch Ambassador Caspar Veldkamp, who refers to the need for more foreign direct investment in our country and, at the same time, the need for improving its competitiveness, an interview with Dimitris Maggioros, Deputy General Manager of Autohellas Hertz and Chairman of STEEAE, who speaks about the Greek car rental market, the flaws in the sector, and what is to come in the future, but also an interview with Leonidas Vrettakos, Executive Director of AB Vassilopoulos, who refers to the course of the chain’s growth as well as to the Greek supermarket market.

Also, the Greek Shipowners appearing on the VesselsValue list are presented, as well as those occupying the top positions in the Top 100 in world shipping for 2017 according to Lloyd’s. Finally, through its pages, the magazine “bids farewell” to the patriarch of the Greek pharmaceutical industry and sports, Pavlos Giannakopoulos.

Five thousand senior executives and leaders of the 1,500 largest businesses in Greece receive the magazine, as well as those who are actively interested in the developments and trends of the modern business world within and outside Greek borders. It includes presentations by companies, sectoral research, exclusive interviews with CEOs, views and reporting as well as retrospectives of historic Greek companies, covering a wide range of domestic and international entrepreneurship.

Guided by the belief that only healthy entrepreneurship can serve as a catalyst for Growth, Business News Magazine represents Direction Business Network’s new undertaking, complementing the latter’s effort to support entrepreneurship in our country with the business portal, the annual edition of “The Strongest of the Greek Economy” and the “Protagonists of the Greek Economy” awards.

For more information, please contact Direction Business Network, Panagiota Georgiadi, 210 7712400 (223)