The 5th edition of the Business News Magazine is in circulation

Business News Magazine brings the field of auditing services to the forefront.

Analytical research in the new edition – filth in a series – of the monthly business magazine which is in circulation with Yannis Kalligeros, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Greece, on its cover.

Auditing firms in Greece are the subject of a special investigation featured in the new issue -fifth in a series- of the monthly magazine Business News Magazine, bearing the signature of, of the editorial team of Direction Business Network, as well as that of important freelancers. In the related journalistic tribute to this very important pillar for the sound operation of business, the financial figures of the country’s auditing firms are presented, the percentage of the 1,000 largest Greek companies that each one covers, as well as their most important clients. In addition, representatives of large auditing firms provide their view on the challenges the industry in question faces today.

The new edition of Business News Magazine features Yannis Kalligeros on the cover, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Hellas, who tells us that the Greek subsidiary has succeeded in serving as a point of reference for all companies in the Daimler network, internationally. Also, interviews are granted by Gregory Sklikas, CEO Europe of giant Aryzta, by the head, on a global level, of the advertising network of J. Walter Thompson, Tamara Ingram, by Chairman and CEO of Cosmos Business Systems, Dimitrios Dafnis, as well as by London Business School’s “new guru of management,” Freek Vermaulen.

In addition, Yannis Tseklenis speaks about his career, where aesthetics, fashion, and business converge, while the success story of Jeff Bezos highlights the value of persistence and commitment and shows how a company can conquer the world.

Furthermore, the issue includes matters relating to the heads of Greek banks in the country’s post MoU period and the economy, the major CEOs of the auto industry worldwide, as well as research related to significant investment activity in the field of tourism. The trade war that has been ravaging the planet, the recent Thessaloniki Trade Fair, developments in the Greek market, the scourge of the brain drain, and the problems related to investment in our country are also subjects that are featured in this issue, as well as the privatisations that are expected to take place in the near future.

It should be reminded that 5,000 senior executives and leaders of the 1,500 largest businesses in Greece as well as those who are actively interested in the developments and trends of the modern business world within and outside Greek borders receive Business New Magazine. It includes presentations by companies, sectoral research, exclusive interviews with CEOs, views and reporting as well as retrospectives of historic Greek companies, covering a wide range of domestic and international entrepreneurship.

Guided by the belief that only healthy entrepreneurship can serve as a catalyst for Growth, Business News Magazine represents Direction Business Network’s new undertaking, complementing the latter’s effort to support entrepreneurship in our country with the business portal, the annual edition of “The Strongest of the Greek Economy” and the “Protagonists of the Greek Economy” awards.

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