VOTED PRODUCT OF THE YEAR GREECE 2019: The market’s most innovative products received awards

Products that stand out for their innovation received awards on Monday, 11 February, at the Awards Ceremony of the internationally acclaimed and distinguished tradition “Voted Product of the Year” whose representation has been undertaken by Direction Business Network since 2018.

In the first competition of the tradition’s new era in Greece, products from 19 different categories managed to stand out and will be able to bear the logo “Voted Product of the Year 2019”. The awards were distributed in the packed Banquet Hall of the Athens Concert Hall, with business executives, representatives of institutional organisations, journalists, and members of the academic community honouring the important evening through their attendance.

In detail, the following were named “Voted Product of the Year”: Tsakiris Cooked by Coca-Cola 3E (Chips) Duck® Fresh Discs by SC Johnson Hellas (Toilet Bowl Cleaner), Chrysi Zymi Pizza in 3 Flavours by Barba Stathis (Frozen Pizza), Nescafé Gold by Nestlé Hellas (Instant Coffee), Allatini Goodness In Me by Elbisco (Cereal Cookies), Fuzetea by Coca-Cola Hellas (Iced Tea), Pampers Pants by Procter & Gamble Hellas (Children’s Diapers – Underpants), Pedigree Dentastix Daily Oral Care by Mars Hellas (Pet Care), Bionol Outdoor by Rolco VIANIL (Multipurpose Cleansers), Uncle Ben’s Ready to Heat Rice by Mars Hellas (Ready to Heat Rice), Everyday Ultra Plus Sensitive with Cotton by Mega Personal Hygiene Products (Sensitive Pads), Green Cola & Family by Green Cola Hellas (Stevia Soft Drinks with Flavors), Optimum by Media Strom (Mattresses), Vodafone TV by Vodafone Hellas (Subscription IPTV), Zewa Deluxe by Essity Hellas (Tissue – Toilet Paper), v-Banking by Eurobank (E-banking for Business), bleep by Alpha Bank (Pre-paid Credit Card), Fairy Ultra by Procter & Gamble Hellas (Dish Liquid) and Rol Black by Rolco VIANIL (Washing Machine Liquid). You can see them here:

The products that participated were initially evaluated by the Specialist Audit Committee, which was composed of professionals from the field of commerce, specialists from fields such as marketing and mass media, as well as representatives of business and institutional organisations, in order to ensure that the criteria of innovation are met. Those selected were included in a large consumer survey that was conducted electronically by IRI, and in which 2,600 men and women participated, between the ages of 18-65.

Phillippe Gelder, President & CEO of Voted Product of the Year Worldwide, attended the Awards Ceremony, who stated, inter alia: “I am very pleased and proud to be here this evening for the first Awards Ceremony organised by Direction Business Network in Greece. Pleased because after several years of absence and difficulties, we return to this market which is worthy of recognition for its innovative products. Proud because, in Vangelis and Konstantinos Papalios, we have found the suitable partners, to place our concept as the top award that results from a vote by consumers which helps to recognise the innovation of brands and bolster their sales.”

On his part, Evangelos Papalios, Publisher-Director of Direction Business Network, mentioned that in this first competition in the new age of the tradition, important steps were taken towards its strengthening in our country. “The common goal was for it to acquire the splendour and value it deserves in the Greek market, and I believe that we have already begun to achieve this. This year’s maiden competition constitutes our “pilot.” We now have a complete and clear picture of everything we must strengthen, as well as everything we must maintain. I feel that already, starting from the next competition, we will have taken even further steps towards our goal”, he stated, while adding that the innovative products that stood out in this year’s competition, which will bear the logo “Voted Product of the Year 2019” are the best proof that “despite the difficult circumstances and the adverse economic situation of recent years, healthy forces still exist in the Greek market. There are businesses that invest in innovation, driving the categories in which they are active towards growth”.

Voted Product of the Year is the largest and most important awards tradition internationally which is related to the innovation of consumer products and services, with awards being granted following a vote by the consuming public. It began in France in 1987 and is now organised in more than 45 countries around the world, with the same purpose: to showcase new innovative products on the market and to award companies that create them, for their investment and faith in innovation.


For more information, interested parties can contact:

Direction Business Network: Annita Kremli, Account Manager, Voted Product of the Year, tel: 210 77 12 400.