The new edition of the Business News Magazine is in circulation

The monthly magazine on Greek and international entrepreneurship

With an extensive tribute to the future of mobility, in Greece and internationally, the fourth edition of the monthly magazine Business News Magazine is in circulation, bearing the signature of, of the editorial team of Direction Business Network, as well as that of important freelancers. Entitled “The Future of Mobility”, the tribute deals with the new era on the horizon for the auto industry, but also the industry of leasing vehicles, which inter alia includes autonomous vehicles, green and sustainable mobility, new interface technologies and, of course, the various needs for consumers. Through the views of experts in the field, research data, and information from the magazine’s mission to the recent Global Fleet Conference in Rome, Business News Magazine outlines the trends and developments in the field, presenting everything that is expected in a few years.

In addition to the tribute and loyal to its philosophy of showcasing the protagonists of entrepreneurship who make a “difference” and decisively contribute to the Greek economy’s recovery, Business News Magazine features Spyros Poulidas on the cover of its latest issue, President and General Manager of IBM HELLAS. In the interview that he grants, he speaks about how IBM has evolved into one of the companies that is leading the way internationally in developments in digital transformation and artificial intelligence, as well as the dynamic presence it enjoys in our country, contributing to a radical restructuring of business.

In addition, the package also includes other interesting interviews, such as one with Dutch Ambassador Caspar Veldkamp, who refers to the need for more foreign direct investment in our country and, at the same time, the need for improving its competitiveness, an interview with Dimitris Maggioros, Deputy General Manager of Autohellas Hertz and Chairman of STEEAE, who speaks about the Greek car rental market, the flaws in the sector, and what is to come in the future, but also an interview with Leonidas Vrettakos, Executive Director of AB Vassilopoulos, who refers to the course of the chain’s growth as well as to the Greek supermarket market.

Also, the Greek Shipowners appearing on the VesselsValue list are presented, as well as those occupying the top positions in the Top 100 in world shipping for 2017 according to Lloyd’s. Finally, through its pages, the magazine “bids farewell” to the patriarch of the Greek pharmaceutical industry and sports, Pavlos Giannakopoulos.

Five thousand senior executives and leaders of the 1,500 largest businesses in Greece receive the magazine, as well as those who are actively interested in the developments and trends of the modern business world within and outside Greek borders. It includes presentations by companies, sectoral research, exclusive interviews with CEOs, views and reporting as well as retrospectives of historic Greek companies, covering a wide range of domestic and international entrepreneurship.

Guided by the belief that only healthy entrepreneurship can serve as a catalyst for Growth, Business News Magazine represents Direction Business Network’s new undertaking, complementing the latter’s effort to support entrepreneurship in our country with the business portal, the annual edition of “The Strongest of the Greek Economy” and the “Protagonists of the Greek Economy” awards.

For more information, please contact Direction Business Network, Panagiota Georgiadi, 210 7712400 (223)

The IAB Hellas MiXX Awards 2018 raise the bar

The “Best in Show” award goes to The Avakon+. More than 300 officials were at the awards ceremony held at the “Bonboniera” summer cinema.

On Thursday, 12 July, the awards ceremony for MiXX Awards 2018 was carried out with great success at the “Bonboniera” Summer Cinema, with more than 300 members of the Greek digital market, held for yet another year by IAB Hellas, in collaboration with Direction Business Network under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications, and Media.

The MiXX Awards are a tradition with an international character that are a celebration and recognition of the year’s best videos in the Greek digital ecosystem, with the task of evaluation being undertaken again this year by an 11-member international jury which, as always, is composed of distinguished and experienced IAB network professionals.

This year’s winners

Avakon+ was awarded the prestigious “Best in Show” award this year (Who gets the Οscar), while the following companies received members’ awards and gold statuettes in individual categories:

Brand awareness and positioning: Members’ Award: The company Rascal for “Giannis Needs Milko” and gold to the company for “Who stole the cup”.

Direct response & Lead Generation: Members’ Award to the company MRM/McCann Athens for “Coca-Cola summer” and gold to Royal IHC/Digital Wise for “”

Best Brand / Product Launch: Members’ Award to Cosmote for “Cosmote Family” and to Tempo Omd for Coco.

Experimental and Innovative Campaign: Members’ Award and gold award to Giraffes in the kitchen for “Melissa on the road.”

Cross-Media Integration: Members’ Award to Piraeus Bank for “Winbank mobile app – 2 fools” and gold award again to Piraeus Bank for “Bancassurance Campaign #poupaeiokosmos.”

Social: A Members’ Award was shared by OPAP for “Athletes sing for Valentine’s Day” and for “Who Stole The cup?”. Avakon+ received a gold award for “Who gets the Oscar?”.

PR Campaigns: Members’ Award to Cosmote for “Cosmote prepaid Mastercard” and gold to Β for “Who Stole The cup?”.

Mobile Advertising: Members’ Award to Εurobank – iPROSPECT / iSOBAR for “Return of the Christmas Campaign”, and gold to Tempo Omd Hellas for Coco.

Search: Members’ Award: To Mindshare for “AIA e-parking service” and gold to Reprise – IPG MediaBrands for “Mediamarkt: For Media marktBlackfriday is the brightest time”.

Branded Content & Native Advertising: Members’ Award to Rascal for “Giannis needs Milko” and gold to Tempo Omd for “The Greek Wonder Woman”.

Effective Use of Data: Members’ Award to ΒGM OMD for “Natural Gas, Real time programmatic campaign” and gold to Generation Y for “Whatever the reason”.

Spiros Papageorgiou: The unique character of the ΜiΧΧ Awards

Announcing the commencement of the large ceremony of the Greek MiXX Awards, the president of IAB Hellas, Spyros Papageorgiou, referred to the importance of Greek digital advertising, while noting that “gradually, year by year, both the companies involved as well as the videos competing are increasing, raising the bar higher and higher. However, it is not this which makes the MiXX Αwards unique”, Spyros Papageorgiou added, while he listed certain critical elements which give the awards a unique and international character: Their regulations, the members of the International Committee that judge the films from an outward-looking perspective and, of course, the brand name of the awards themselves. At the same time, the members’ award operates in two ways: First, it provides the opportunity for all members of IAB Hellas to vote and pick the best films in their opinion but, at the same time, it stresses the event’s absolute transparency, as all films are available to each member for assessment.

“Lastly, in contrast to other approaches, we in no way link the number of submissions on the part of any company with its chances of success”, Spyros Papageorgiou emphatically noted while explaining: “This means that it is possible for a company with a single submission to be awarded the highest distinction. Something which may well deduct points from the commercialism of the awards but, nonetheless, we are certain that it adds to their institutional establishment and validity. All the foregoing add to the unique character of the ΜiΧΧ Awards”, the president of IAB Hellas added, subsequently thanking everyone who competed by submitting one or more films in this year’s awards, the members of the international 11-member committee for the time and effort they devoted to assess the films, the members who voted for the members’ award, the event’s major sponsor, Cosmote, as well as all sponsors and supporters. Spyros Papageorgiou specifically thanked all the members of the organisation’s administrative committee for their energy and ideas, as well as the organisation’s Vice President, G. Kapodistrias, who was overall responsible for the event this year as well. He also thanked Direction for “the seamless collaboration and, of course, everyone who attended the large celebration”.

Finally, the president of IAB Hellas referred to this year’s award which Evgenia Manolioudaki was in charge of, artist, art editor, co-owner of M art (a company active over the last 20 years in art, highlighting it as a means of communication) who assisted with a unique film designed solely for the Greek MiXX Awards.

Then, Marie Claire Buffet, Business Program Manager of IAB Europe, took the floor, speaking of the importance of the Greek IAB Ηellas MiXX Awards 2018.


In addition to Cosmote, which was the major sponsor of this year’s event, organisation of the event was supported by the following sponsors as well: ADWEB, steficon, Liquid Media, Mythos, DigitalWise and Polichromo.

IAB Hellas MiXX Awards 2018: This evening, the Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will top off MiXX Awards 2018, an international event which will take place today, Thursday, 12 July, at the Bonboniera Cinema in Kifisia, for the second consecutive year, organised by IAB Hellas in collaboration with Direction Business Network.

The MiXX Awards are a celebration and recognition of the year’s best videos in the Greek digital ecosystem, with the task of evaluation being undertaken, again this year, by an 11-member international jury which, as always, is composed of distinguished and experienced IAB network professionals The Greek market’s most significant digital marketing videos have been evaluated on the basis of international standards of creativity and effectiveness and, based on the Committee’s scoring, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be awarded for the event’s various categories, as well as the Best in Show Award, the highest distinction, which will go to the submission to receive the highest score from among all submissions in every category.

In more detail, the award categories include the following: 1. Brand awareness & Positioning 2. Direct Response & Lead Generation 3. Best Brand / Product Launch 4. Experimental & Innovative Campaign 5. Cross-Media Integration 6. Branded Content & Native Advertising 7. PR Campaigns 8. Mobile Advertising 9. Social 10. Search and 11. Effective Use of Data.

It should be noted that, for the second year in a row, the IAB Ηellas Members’ Awards will again be awarded, presented with great success for the first time at last year’s event. More specifically, a prize will be awarded for each category following a vote, in which every member of IAB Hellas shall participate equally.

The winners of Hair Awards by Estetica Hellas 2018

Glamorous and distinguished guests attended Hair Awards 2018 of Estetica Hellas, which took place in Zappeion Hall for the third consecutive year.

Estetica Hellas’s Publication  Director, Frini Latou, welcomed the attendees to the great night of hairdressing art, which has also highlighted the best products and services of 2018.

According to the publisher of Estetica Hellas, Vangelis Papalios,  “Hair Awards are the culmination of Estetica Hellas’s 16-year presence in the Greek market”. He also stressed the importance of the new category of Hair Awards, Best Young Hair Stylist.


The awards

The main distinctions and awards of the year are as follows:

Partner of the Year: Wella

Training of the Year: Wella

Launch & Campaign of the Year: Wellaplex by Wella

Professional Tool of the Year: ghd by wella

Best Artistic Team  of the Year: Prestige Telis Kikeris

Hair Care / Specialized Therapies: Bioproten Hairplex by Farcom Professional

Women Hair Care: Wella Professionals “Fusion”

Women Hair Styling: ΕΙΜΙ by Wella

Men Hair Care & Styling:  Seri Styling Gel by Farcom Professional

Dilution and thickening treatments: Nioxin – Wella Professionals

Lightening Product: Blondor by Wella

Permanent oxidative dye: Koleston Perfect  by Wella

Painting in the same tone / semi – permanent: Color Touch by  Wella


Best Hair Collection & New prize category

This year, the winners of the category  Best Hair Collection were:

Gino hairandmore won the Platinum Award, Ioanna Tzani won the Golden Award, Prestige Telis Kikeris the Silver, while the Bronze Award was given to Elena Verykiou.

The awards to the new category, Best Young Hair Stylist Award, were the following:

Gold Award, Elena-Maria Kapageridou

Silver Award, Anastasia Efremopoulou

Bronze Award, Alexandros Mattas

In addition, Honorary Awards were given to Efi Arvanitaki – Intercoiffure,  Kirikos Vasiliadis- Mod’s Hair and  George Sfakianakis-Teo Hair Design 40 Years- as a recognition for their long term contribution to hairdressing art.

Also, honorary award was allocated to Farcom, for the 48 Years Presence in Greek Cosmetic Industry  and to TSVL Hair Therapy, for the initiative of Hair Therapist Expert.

As an opening act of Hair Awards, the collection Athena by Tranoulis Haute Couture, which is part of the initiative “ Take Me Home”, for the return of the Parthenon marbles to Greece, was presented.

What is more, the event was honored by the publisher and director of Estetica Italia, Roberto Pissimiglia.

Particularly impressive was the closing of the event, when models from a total of nine hairdressing groups came to the stage, presenting  special hair trends.


Wella Professionals was the Golden sponsor of the event.

Highlife, Prestige Telis Kikeris and Farcom Professional, were sponsors as well. Pressious Arvanitidis  was typing sponsor, Commo Interiors was the backstage sponsor and Amuse Concept Events, the Event Sponsor.

It is worth noting that the awards were held under the aegis of the Industrial Chamber of Athens, the Artistic Union of Greek Hairdressers and the Hellenic Cosmetic,Toiletry & Perfumery Association.

Finally, KPMG was the supervising agency.